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HungryPelvis by kaymicrager HungryPelvis :iconkaymicrager:kaymicrager 1 3
A Proud Oak Tree
     I remember when I was just a sapling, just beginning to stretch out of the ground. There were many other trees around me. Some were so tall I shuddered with fear, others were small like me. We were surrounded by lush forestry. I thrived in the sun, basked in it daily. But I didn't just stretch out of the ground, I stretched under as well. My roots dug deeper and farther entangling with other trees, it was as if we were touching a part of each others souls. I was happy with that life. We remained that way for many years.
     One day, I felt the earth tremble. I didn't know what it was for a while, but then I felt trees being cut off from my roots. Our souls were no longer connected. Our roots were still connected but there was nothing there... It felt quite empty and lonely. I didn't know why this was happening; I would just feel the pain from the others then, nothing. Then the trembling got stronger and I saw them. Man made machin
:iconkaymicrager:kaymicrager 2 2
240470 by kaymicrager 240470 :iconkaymicrager:kaymicrager 1 3
Mental Distortion
It’s all a trap of mental distortion and cloaked derailment.
How did we get to this place? Oh, will we ever be free?
I look away and all I see is grey matter beliefs and counterfeit deeds.
Don’t believe the hallucinations; they’ll drag you in before you even notice…
Suffering organs drain my blood,
They are still so thirsty…
Countless repairs all failed one by one.
Abstract shapes and liquids flow together,
Your mask is falling apart.
It’s all a façade.
Un-lyrical lies flood into my mind,
Repair this, I know you can.
I’ll be fine; really, I just need more transfusions,
More organs, more…
My mind fades out to noise.
My desperation remained unheard.
I question it all, I can’t be fine,
I know it’s not alright.
Why can’t we take it all back again…
And let the blood back in?
Why can’t we?
Why can’t…
:iconkaymicrager:kaymicrager 1 2
ID 7-16-08 by kaymicrager ID 7-16-08 :iconkaymicrager:kaymicrager 0 11 ID .6-16-08. by kaymicrager ID .6-16-08. :iconkaymicrager:kaymicrager 1 8 Split Personality by kaymicrager Split Personality :iconkaymicrager:kaymicrager 1 8
This Battle
In a whirlwind of chaos we stand.
Dead trees take hold of the sky,
In such a place I am tied.
The atmosphere, an endless wreck, is nothing to breathe.
So much pollution, you can’t see your own two feet.
A chill runs down our spines,
It is near time.
Soon we will all see the light,
And fight the great fight.
The enemy will fall,
The spirit we have will conquer them all.
We’ll show them the truth behind their cowardly lies,
We will show them that they are far too blind.
For them to believe will be the greatest of feats,
We see them in the distance, they are our beasts.
Shaken, it’s like looking in a mirror,
This can’t be right, in a fight against ourselves we will surely wither.
All the confidence felt before has decayed, where is our pride now?
“We must face ourselves!” Says a man from behind me.
Easier said than done I’m sure, for we are our worst enemy.
Take one last breath and charge, and ourselves we will cure.
:iconkaymicrager:kaymicrager 4 9
My New Desktop by kaymicrager My New Desktop :iconkaymicrager:kaymicrager 3 23 Envy by kaymicrager Envy :iconkaymicrager:kaymicrager 5 11


.:Traits Missing From Today's Characters:.
~Something’s Missing~
• NOTE: This is a generally speaking list, again, directed at the major characters of stories/books/movies/television of the modern times. I know there exist characters with these traits; I just think they are rare and should be brought more to attention if you're looking to expand your character diversity and add realism.
• Humility: This is the big one that I think a lot of characters are missing. Lots of the mains I see today don't even have a shred of this or if they do it’s forced into them. How about writing a person who’s naturally humble? These people are amazing. They don’t seek to exalt themselves. They give credit to others.
• Pushover: Unfortunately most main characters I see will push back if the world tries to push them down. But this is SO unimaginably unrealistic. I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t, or they’d try and fail. Some people, if pushed around or pushed down to the ground, will stay d
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 183 177
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Doctor Kaymi
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